We who preach and write, do so in a manner different from which the Scriptures have been written. We write while we make progress. We learn something new every day. We speak as we still knock for understanding...If anyone criticizes me when I have said what is right, he does me an injustice. But I would be more angry with the one who praises me and takes what I have written for Gospel truth than I would be with the one who criticizes me unfairly. -Augustine

God Enjoys Barbeques!

One morning, while I was visiting my mom, she asked me why God had required so many burnt offerings and what they represented. I looked at her with a smile and said that of all the difficult things to understand in the Bible, this was one that she should understand easily. With a puzzled look she said that she didn’t have a clue. So I asked her what one thing she enjoyed more than anything else. She thought and then said, “cooking!” “And what else?” I prodded. “Eating and sharing with others what I’ve cooked,” she said with a smile. I smiled back and said, “exactly!”

You see, God enjoys and delights in the fragrant aroma of food. That is one of the reasons why it was important that the fat be burned with the offering; the more fat, the more fragrant the offering. Have you ever cooked corn with the husk on the grill? What a fragrant aroma! And just as we delight in fragrant aromas, so does God. But it’s not just that God delights in the fragrant aroma of grilled meat and grain. He delights in a life that is a sweet aroma–a life that brings enjoyment to others.

The writer of Hebrews brings further insights into these offerings. Not only did the offerings represent Jesus–who could only please the Father with the totally acceptable sacrifice of himself–but now, even the words of our mouth and the way we serve others are sacrificial offerings to the Lord.

“But to do good and to share forget not; for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.”

(Hebrews 13:16)

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